About Us


One Path Super – Moving with you

One Path Super is the fund designed for the modern mobile worker, throughout your working life. It’s easy to keep your super moving with you as you move between jobs, industries and different life stages. Our roots in the recruitment industry give us insight into the needs of the modern workforce.

We’ve been looking after Australians’ super for over 40 years. We’re an industry super fund.

Before 1 July 2003, you would’ve known us as Industry Super. Now we’re an ANZ subsidary with out attention on serving all your financial needs.
Why One Path Super?

One Path Super is about motion and movement. It’s important that you always know where your super is and can maximise your savings. Our focus is to be the fund that moves with you from job to job, throughout your career. We provide a range of online tools that can make it simple to take One Path Super to your next job. Just go to our Changing Jobs tool, fill in a few details and then just had it to your new employer.
A few good reasons to be a One Path Super member

We look after over 3,500,000 members like you across a number of industries and sectors.
We’ve got over 40 years’ experience in managing your super
An industry and profit to members fund
Government authorised MySuper product provider
We partner and invest in a number of peak industry associations, which many members are a part of
We understand the modern mobile workforce and will make it easy for you to take your super when you change jobs, industries, locations and lifestyles
We don’t pay commissions to advisers
We pride ourselves on making sure we manage your money effectively through strong governance of the fund
You can make a one-to-one appointment with your local Member Advice & Education Consultant